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John Singer Sargent was the premiere portraitist of his generation, well-known for his depictions of high society figures in Paris, London The family of John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) had deep roots in New England. His grandfather, Winthrop Sargent IV, descended from one of the oldest. Презентация была опубликована 3 года назад пользователемФедор 4 John Singer Sargent John Singer Sargent Sir John Everett Millais Sir John Everett.

John Singer Sargent - The complete works. Large resolution images, ecard, rating, slideshow and more! One of the largest John Singer Sargent resource on the. John Singer Sargent Done by:Kovalyeva Nastya and Latysheva Natasha. John Singer Sargent 12.01.1856 – 15.04.1925. BiographyBefore Sargent's birth, his. John Singer Sargent was an American artist, considered the "leading portrait painter of his generation" for his evocations of Edwardian era luxury. During his. The John Singer Sargent Archive is a treasure trove of records that add detail, context, and depth to our understanding of one of the 19th century's most talented.

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