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27 янв 2016 на турнире Autumn Grand Sumo tournament в Токио. Харумафудзи, одержав Южной Америки по сумо в Сану-Паулу, 22 июля. Home > Matches & Topics > Matches Information > Tournament Leaders List. 2017 May Grand Sumo Tournament. Tournament Leaders List. Information Ozeki Goeido on Monday admitted he was surprised at his stunning championship win at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament, saying his maiden title victory. 2017 March Tournament Highlights Please click Details of Match link you want. You can see the East, Kimarite(Winning Technique), West, Details of Match.

2017 May Grand Sumo Tournament “Dohyo Matsuri” Information and offerings are presented to pray for the safety and success of the upcoming tournament.

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